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Our Coaching Services

True coaching occurs when individuals experience empowerment to fulfill their declared intention. Coaching people in the technology of “Living in Language” gives them a new perspective that guides them to realize effective, efficient and dynamic actions. The use of strategic listening with clients provides clarity and effective priority analysis. Additionally, in the corporate setting, exploring the dynamics of the client's company, its operations, key objectives and personal vision are central to aligning breakthroughs, which lead to powerful results.

Executive and Invididual Coaching

Using easily understandable models on “The Nature of Being” and how humans function somatically and linguistically, our work brings together a combination of disciplines that reopen one's vision and ability to generate a powerful future. At each moment you are at the threshold of unlimited possibilities.


Each “project,” whether corporate or individual, holds within it a potential to transform you, your team and your organization, propelling it to new levels of influence and success. Projects are not just “things to do” but rather opportunities to generate new insights, expand technology and understanding, and produce extraordinary results.

Corporate Assessment and Team Building

We take a flexible approach to corporate assessment and team building by first analyzing present breakdowns and needs, and then designing the precise coaching needed to develop premier, quality “High Performance” teams for the future. Using proven assess-ment tools and personal consultations, new insights and alignments appear, moving you and your company toward increased efficiency and success.

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