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Our Core Values


The extraordinary technology of “living in language” provides the foundation for our work. We focus on a way of “being” in life in which authentic communication generates effectiveness and satisfaction. Who you are “being” while you are doing what you are doing determines the quality of your work and the outcome. Language is generative. What we say or don't say makes a difference.

Our commitment to improved communication in both listening and speaking domains, a shared vision, an appreciation of diversity, alignment toward action, and the ability to choose attitudes that contribute to the whole produce outstanding results.



The Importance of Who You Are

In order to change one's identity, one needs to shift one's actions to new ways of “being”. The first step in doing so is to discover the identity you are living in now from a new perspective. When designing a new identity, you set up practices to stand in the new identity you are creating - as your identity changes, so will your actions and how you function in life.

When designing yourself and your identity in personal relationships, or in business, the new actions you are taking, and who you are “being” as you take those new actions, initiates change in other people's interpretation of you. New interpretations reveal new opportunities.



The Role the Body Plays

Somatics - unified mind and body practices, support the ability of each individual to find their own personal “center.” Being present to your body, your mood, your thoughts, and your emotions allows you to powerfully stand in your choices and actions.

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