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Living in Language Courses

Using easily understandable models of the nature of “being” and how humans function, our work brings together a combination of disciplines that reopen one's vision and ability to generate a magnificent future. At each moment you are at the threshold of unlimited possibilities.

Living in Language

We live in language, much the same way a fish lives in water. Learning the technology behind that language will allow you and your company to powerfully move into the future.

Art of Listening

An inquiry into the “art of listening” and designing a future that gets you out of bed every morning ready to take on your life! Creating a space within where you trust living in the unknown and are willing to have extraordinary results happen will become commonplace occurrences.

Organizations as Conversations

Using our new “technology of language and communication”, each participant experiences their ability to design and bring forth contributions to the organization they had not considered before. They are empowered to trust the team and be an active participant in designing the powerful future for the organization.

Speaking from the Future Now

When people speak the world shifts and limitless possibilities present themselves. Each word evokes a future that is either realized or not. It is the intention behind the words that determine what future will take place. This course is perfect for team building, project management, and product design.

Living Awake

An advanced course. Excellent for retreats and individuals committed to mastering their life practices. This course is three full days in length and can be extended to include a personal challenge day of outdoor activities.

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