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Kimmel & Company's core commitment is to reveal people’s brilliance, using language as an integral tool to achieve that result!

When people discover the profound “technology of language and speaking”, there is a shift in their understanding of their ability to produce results. They find that being a powerful team member is a function of speaking and knowingly using words that bring forth new realities at the moment of speech. People who experience this shift in perception gain a new relationship with work and their expression of life produces a sense of joy, understanding, and excitement.



True coaching occurs when individuals experience empowerment to fulfill their declared intention. Coaching people in the technology of “Living in Language” gives them a new perspective that guides them to realizing effective, efficient and dynamic actions. The use of strategic listening with clients provides clarity and effective priority analysis. Additionally, in the corporate setting, exploring the dynamics of the client's company, its operations, key objectives and personnel support are central to aligning breakthroughs that lead to powerful results.

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Our courses are designed to coach individuals and organizations to be highly effective in their daily work and ability to produce results. That effectiveness is realized through tools such as the Power of Language, Speech Acts and Strategic Listening. Participants will gain a new perspective on their work and the actions needed to effectively expand their capabilities in all areas of job and personal responsibility.

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  • Productivity increases
  • Breakdowns become the doorways to breakthroughs
  • An enhanced ability to be aligned with fellow workers
  • Communication skills are improved
  • Conflict is handled openly with honest resolution
  • Personal confidence is heightened
  • People think "smarter"
  • Powerful futures are designed
  • Corporate production goes up
There isn't a person anywhere who isn't capable of doing more that he thinks he can.

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SELF is a journey, one that engages a shift in awareness to a new way of Being that is in alignment with the world we live in. These chapters naturally lead us to who we can see ourselves Being, creating a life that will allow us to make the contribution we came to make while discovering a more peaceful and engaged reality.

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